Jungle Gym Soccer Program is a specially designed developmental program for kids ages 2-8. This program introduces young players to the basic fundamental skills of soccer such as passing, shooting, receiving the ball, and running with the ball to learn the concept of team play.


Playing the game of soccer helps children with their physical and social development. It allows a child to learn the importance of teamwork and increases their communication skills.


Building a strong self-image is very important at a young age due to the question “Who Am I” that Kuhn, a well known psychologist, has done years of research on. Having a child play on a team sport such as soccer allows a child to identify personally with team success, rather than feel a need to outperform teammates to gain recognition.


Your child will build confidence, develop sportsmanship, and learn fair play while instilling a love and passion for the game of soccer. Jungle Gym Soccer Program is where children learn, develop, & succeed.


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Jungle Gym Soccer Program - Where Children Learn, Develop, & Succeed