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Jungle Gym Soccer Classes are held at pre-schools, daycare centers, recreation centers, and other locations throughout Broward County & South Florida.


The Jungle Gym Soccer Program is designed for children ages 2-8 years old, and has three age divisions:


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Ages 2-3: This class utilizes soccer as a means to encourage motor skill development and cognitive ability. The Jungle Gym Program creates a positive bonding experience between the children.


Ages 4-5: Children participating in this class develop their motor skills and coordination while developing social skills and how to listen in a group setting.


Ages 6-8: In this class we focus on individual ball handling skills that allow children to express their individuality with a soccer ball. We introduce the concept of "2v2", and teach each player the importance of teamwork, combination play, and positional responsibilities.


Jungle Gym Soccer programs are designed to fit the schedule of the school or organization where we hold our sessions. We usually offer both 4-week and 8-week sessions, depending upon the location.


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